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Arrests in Brooke County West Virginia 2000

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Note: This table is no longer being maintained. For later data, see the National Archive of Criminal Justice Data, University of Michigan.

Statistics presented are based on data collected by the FBI as part of its Uniform Crime Reporting Program. These data represent offenses reported to and arrests made by State and local law enforcement agencies as reported to the FBI. These data do not include Federal law enforcement activity. Additionally, not all law enforcement agencies consistently report offense and arrest data to the FBI. Users should refer to the Coverage Indicator for the proportion of the population covered by the agencies reporting to the FBI.

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Crime Number (Estimate)
Total 449
Murder 0
Rape 1
Robbery 6
Aggravated Assault 11
Burglary 9
Larceny - theft 21
Motor vehicle thefts 2
Arson 0
Other assaults 56
Forgery & counterfeiting 4
Fraud 11
Embezzlement 0
Have stolen property 3
Vandalism 10
Weapons violations 3
Prostitution and commercial vice 1
Sex offenses 1
Total drug violations 44
Gambling 0
Offenses against family & child 4
Driving under influence 113
Liquor law violations 14
Drunkenness 25
Disorderly conduct 10
Vagrancy 0
All other offenses except traffic 98
Population 21,561
Coverage indicator 86%

Data provided by the Federal Bureau of Investigation to the National Archive of Criminal Justice Data, University of Michigan

Population statistics are based on data provided by the FBI and may differ from similar statistics reported by the Census Bureau. Population statistics generated by the FBI are used to calculate crime rates and to estimate the proportion of the population covered by the UCR program.

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