Click for contact details Bureau of Transportation Statistics

Compiles, analyzes, and makes accessible information on the Nation's transportation systems; collects information on intermodal transportation and other areas; and enhances the quality and effectiveness of DOT's statistical programs through research, development of guidelines, and promotion of improvements in data acquisition and use.

Airlines - on-time performance & financials
Economics and finance
Commodity Flow Survey
Household travel
International travel and transportation
Transportation snapshot
Publication: National Transportation Statistics
Ferry operators

   (BTS) Research and Innovative Technology Administration, Dept of Transportation

Click for contact details Army Corps of Engineers

Collects and publishes statistical data on waterborne commerce and vessel operations in waterways, ports, and harbors of the United States, Puerto Rico, and the U.S. Virgin Islands. The Waterborne Commerce Statistics Center maintains a database to respond to special requests for data and to produce monthly, quarterly, and annual products including the annual five-volume Waterborne Commerce of the U.S. that summarizes trips and tonnage by ports and waterways.

Port and waterway facilities
Vessel characteristics
Waterborne commerce

   (CORPS) Dept of Defense

Click for contact details Federal Aviation Administration

Collects data on aviation safety.

Unruly passengers
Runway safety
FAA operations & performance
Publication: Administrator's Fact Book

   (FAA) Dept of Transportation

Click for contact details Federal Highway Administration

Collects, analyzes, and disseminates data on the Nation's highway system, including financing, travel, fuel consumption, vehicle registrations, highway system extent and safety, drivers licenses, and personal travel characteristics.

Publication: Highway Statistics
National Household Travel Survey

   (FHWA) Dept of Transportation

Click for contact details Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration

Collects and analyzes data on motor carriers and on commercial vehicle drivers and crashes.

Safety ratings and crash statistics
Commercial motor vehicles

   (FMCSA) Dept of Transportation

Click for contact details Federal Railroad Administration

Collects and disseminates data on the Nation's railroad system, including traffic, safety, and accident reports, such as intermodal safety data for the geographic information system, and information on grade crossings and inspections.

Railroad traffic, accidents, and grade crossings

   (FRA) Dept of Transportation

Click for contact details Federal Transit Administration

Maintains the primary database for statistics on the transit industry known as the National Transit Database. These data, which must be reported by every FTA formula grant recipient, are used to report to the Congress on the performance of the transit industry, to make transit service and investment planning decisions, and to apportion FTA formula funds. The FTA also collects and analyzes data related to safety and security, including drug and alcohol testing results of safety sensitive personnel.

Transit safety and security

   (FTA) Dept of Transportation

Click for contact details Maritime Administration

Collects, maintains, and disseminates data on domestic and international transportation, vessel characteristics and itineraries, port facilities, shipbuilding and repair, ship values, financial reports and vessels' operating expenses, shipping activities, and maritime employment. MARAD also publishes reports on marine transportation and cruise passenger statistics, and conducts research on maritime issues.

Waterborne trade
Vessel calls

   (MARAD) Dept of Transportation

Click for contact details National Highway Traffic Safety Administration

Collects information on motor vehicle related accidents and fatalities and highway safety.

Fatality Analysis Reporting System
Traffic safety fact sheets

   (NHTSA) Dept of Transportation

Click for contact details Office of the Secretary, Dept of Transportation

Collects, analyzes, and publishes data in support of the department's programs and policy initiatives. Statistical activities include monitoring competition in the airline and maritime industries, supporting international negotiations on aviation matters, and maintaining systems to provide grant information and financial assistance awards for DOT.

Air Travel Consumer Report
U.S. international air passengers and freight

   (OST) Dept of Transportation

Click for contact details Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration

Collects data to monitor transportation of hazardous materials.

Distribution, transmission, and liquid accidents and incidents

   (PHMSA) Dept of Transportation

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