Click for contact details Office of Health, Safety, and Security

Supports projects associated with epidemiologic and worker medical surveillance and the United States Transuranium and Uranium Registries. The United States Transuranium and Uranium Registries analyze the distribution of radioactive elements in the body to ensure that radiological protection standards and workplace control measures for occupational exposures to plutonium, uranium, and other long-lived radioactive materials are protective of worker health.

   (EH) Dept of Energy

Click for contact details Energy Information Administration

Collects and disseminates information on energy reserves, production, consumption, distribution, prices, technology, and related international, economic, and financial matters. EIA's programs include data on coal, petroleum, natural gas, and electric and nuclear energy. EIA maintains a comprehensive energy database, disseminates energy data and analyses for a wide variety of customers in the public and private sectors, maintains the National Energy Modeling System for mid-term energy markets analysis and forecasting, maintains the Short-Term Integrated Forecasting System for near-term energy market analysis and forecasting, conducts customer forums and surveys to maintain an up-to-date product and service mix, and maintains systems supporting the electronic dissemination of energy data.

Coal supply and disposition
Energy, forecasts
Energy, statistical overview
Environmental data
Gasoline prices
Fuel economy
Natural gas
Power plants
Prices, monthly all sources
Diesel prices
Refinery capacity
State energy profiles

   (EIA) Dept of Energy

Click for contact details Minerals Management Service

Collects data on oil, gas, and minerals activities occurring on Federal and American Indian lands. This information is collected as a part of MMS's responsibility for the management of both the Outer Continental Shelf Lands and Minerals Revenue Management programs. The Minerals Management Service is responsible for resource evaluation and classification; lease management activities; and the collection, auditing, and distribution of revenues and production data from mineral leasing on Federal and Indian lands.

Federal offshore lands and activity
Mineral commodity and revenue

   (MMS) Dept of Interior

Click for contact details United States Geological Survey

Collects data on nonfuel minerals and materials, including mineral resources, production, demand, use, recycling, and trade.

Commodity minerals
International minerals
Mineral Resources Data System
State minerals
Water resources

   (USGS) Dept of Interior

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