Click for contact details Institute of Museum and Library Services

Through grants, contracts and cooperative agreements, supports the collection and analysis of data about how the public uses libraries, museums and online resources to support learning throughout the lifetime. Recent topics explored include an analysis of the health information seeking behaviors of seniors, the long and short term impacts of museum and zoo visitation, an exploration of query behaviors of users of online information, and the role of public libraries and community technology centers in providing online government information.

   (IMLS) Independent agency

Click for contact details National Center for Education Evaluation and Regional Assistance

Conducts studies that assess the impact of education programs on academic achievement, particularly in the areas of reading, mathematics, and science. NCEE also reviews selected evaluation work supported by others outside the department to assess the quality of studies and the significance of such evaluations for improving education.

   (NCEE) Institute of Education Sciences, Dept of Education

Click for contact details National Center for Education Statistics

The principal Federal agency that collects and analyzes data on education in the United States. NCES maintains a survey program that provides information on children's health, early care, and early school experiences; on the condition of public and private education; and on libraries and information centers. It conducts studies of student financial aid, postsecondary faculty, and doctoral degree recipients, as well as transcript studies and various longitudinal studies. NCES collects and reports information on the academic performance of students as well as the literacy level of the adult population. The National Assessment of Educational Progress is NCES's primary tool for assessing what American elementary/secondary students know and can do in academic subjects. NCES also administers the Statewide Data Systems program, which provides grants to the states for the management and analysis of individual student data to improve student academic performance and close achievement gaps.

Education assessment
Early childhood education
Elementary and secondary education
International comparisons
Other education subjects
Postsecondary education

   (NCES) Dept of Education

Click for contact details Office of Planning, Evaluation, and Policy

Conducts evaluations to describe program operations and outcomes to promote program improvement.

   (OPEPD) Dept of Education

Click for contact details National Science Foundation, Science Resources Statistics

Collects, publishes, and analyzes statistics on the Nation's science and engineering higher education system and those who participate in it. SRS measures science and engineering and health enrollments and degrees and develops information on other aspects of higher education. The NSF's Directorate for Education and Human Resources supports international assessments of student knowledge and curriculum, as well as contextual studies and indicators that monitor progress under NSF educational programs.

Science and engineering education
Science and engineering work force
Research and development

   (SRS) National Science Foundation

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