Click for contact details Bureau of Economic Analysis

The U.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis is one of the world's leading statistical agencies. Located within the U.S. Department of Commerce, BEA is responsible for preparing the national economic accounts of the United States including Gross Domestic Product (GDP), Personal Income, Corporate Profits and International Transactions Statistics. The accounts, which cover national, international, regional, and industry statistics present essential information on such key issues as economic growth, the nation's position in the world economy, regional economic development, and the relationships among industries These closely watched statistics are key ingredients in critical decisions affecting monetary policy, tax and budget projections, and business investment plans. BEA obtains data from a wide range of government and private sources, conducts research and analysis, develops methodologies, and provides its statistics to the public free of charge.

Balance of payments
Foreign direct investment
Gross domestic product (GDP)
Gross domestic product by state
Industry data
International trade
National income and product accts (NIPAs)
Personal income
Personal income, by state
Gross domestic product (GDP) by metropolitan area
Gross domestic product by industry
Personal income by county and metropolitan area

   (BEA) Dept of Commerce

Click for contact details Bureau of Customs and Border Protection

Collects and verifies tariff and trade data that are tabulated, analyzed, and disseminated by the Census Bureau. Additionally, CBP collects entry data on aliens entering the United States and denied admission, and produces statistical measures used to address trade compliance issues, identify questionable import activity, and identify importers for audit purposes.

   (CBP) Dept of Homeland Security

Click for contact details U.S. Census Bureau

The principal source of periodic economic data. Conducts several periodic censuses every five years, covering the years ending in two and seven and major programs include the Economic Census and Census of Governments. The Census Bureau's current economic statistics program provides information on retail and wholesale trade and selected service industries; construction activity, such as housing permits and starts, the value of new construction, residential alterations and repairs, and quarterly price indices for single-family houses; quantity and value of industrial output, such as manufacturing activities; shipments, inventories, and orders; capital expenditures; e-commerce sales; foreign trade, including imports, exports, and trade monitoring; health insurance coverage; and state and local government activities. The Census Bureau also maintains the Business Register, which is used for statistical sampling frames and the production of aggregate data on County Business Patterns and Statistics of U.S. Businesses.

Business ownership
International trade
Income and poverty
Population estimates
Population projections
Social and economic characteristics
Retail-wholesale trade
1990 Census data
Census 2000

   (CEN) Dept of Commerce

Click for contact details Defense Manpower Data Center, Statistical Information Analysis Division

Collects Dept of Defense contract information in support of national economic indicators and the Small Business Competitiveness Demonstration Program. DMDC also produces statistics on DOD purchases from educational and nonprofit institutions and from state and local governments.

Casualty information
Civilian DoD personnel
Military personnel
Glossary of DoD work force terms
Work force publications

   (DMDC) Dept of Defense

Click for contact details Economics and Statistics Administration

Carries out congressionally-mandated studies, such as the annual assessment of foreign direct investment in the United States. ESA disseminates current economic statistics through a subscription-based electronic system known as STAT-USA.

   (ESA) Dept of Commerce

Click for contact details Office of the Assistant Secretary for Housing

Maintains and analyzes statistics on housing and property improvement loans and on housing or property insured or rehabilitated under HUD mortgage insurance programs, including the inventory of HUD-held mortgages or HUD-owned properties

   (HOUSING) Dept of Housing and Urban Development

Click for contact details International Trade Administration

Collects and disseminates data on imports, exports, production, prices, and foreign direct investment in the United States, as well as other economic data to analyze domestic and foreign market situations. ITA also tracks data on tourism industries and international travel to and from the United States for many private sector firms. The Office of Travel and Tourism Industries in ITA maintains a web site to provide current statistical data to U.S. companies on international travel to and from the United States; provides projections of international arrivals to the United States; and conducts the In-Flight Survey of International Air Travelers, partially funded by states, cities, and the private sector.

Commodity trade, by geographic area
U.S. aggregate foreign trade data
Inbound and outbound tourism

   (ITA) Dept of Commerce

Click for contact details Office of Federal Housing Enterprise Oversight

Responsible for oversight of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac (the Enterprises); its statistical programs provide analyses of the primary and secondary mortgage markets in support of the OFHEO regulatory mission.

House price index

   (OFHEO) Dept of Housing and Urban Development

Click for contact details Office of Policy Development and Research

Provides data on the volume, characteristics, price, quality, and suitability of housing in the United States; on the construction and permanent financing required to achieve a smoothly functioning housing market; and on the status of the existing housing stock.

State of the Cities data systems

   (PDR) Dept of Housing and Urban Development

Click for contact details Patent and Trademark Office

Compiles statistical information on patent activity by geographic origin, technological subject matter, ownership, and other characteristics; samples patent and trademark cases to measure quality aspects in the processing of applications; and undertakes customer survey activities.

Patents and trademarks

   (PTO) Dept of Commerce

Click for contact details Small Business Administration

Funds and supports databases on small businesses including the Business Information Tracking Series, conducts policy studies and economic and statistical research on issues of concern to small business, and publishes data on small business characteristics and contributions.

Small business indicators
Small business state profiles
Publication: Small Business Economy

   (SBA) Independent agency

Click for contact details National Science Foundation, Science Resources Statistics

Collects, publishes, and analyzes data on the size and health of U.S. research and development enterprises. Four annual surveys provide information on research and development funded and performed by government, industry, and universities, and a periodic survey provides comparable information on the nonprofit sector. The division also conducts a biennial survey on academic and biomedical research facilities, including aspects of cyber-infrastructure, and has begun design work on an information collection on instrumentation in science and engineering facilities. The division participates in international collaborations to develop internationally comparable measures of research and development.

Science and engineering education
Science and engineering work force
Research and development

   (SRS) National Science Foundation

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